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May 04th 2024

NODE [Seventh Anniversary] w/ Dino Sabatini ❚ Dario Duegra at LAUT

Seven years since the first event and we can't wait to share it with you! On Saturday, May 4, we will have on our anniversary for the first time at LAUT one of the most relevant masters of techno, one of those few artists who redefine what it means to work with electronic music. Dino Sabatini, owner of the Outis Music label and part of several of the best labels and booths of the genre, will be accompanied by Dario Duegra on a night to remember.

Get your tickets here.


March 27th 2024

´Erratic Patterns´ is out now

We are very happy to announce our new release of NODE Recordings..

Is out now available with tracks of ARTIFVCT (IN), Esilum, Esteban Miranda, Inoué, Linear Phase.

Listen or buy it on Bandcamp here.


February 04th 2024

Montjuic Vinyl Market (Barcelona)

LAUT and Casa Montjüic will organize the Montjuïc Vinyl Market in which we will have the pleasure of collaborating with the last available copies of NODE Recordings' first vinyl, 'Neural Haze', since all the copies on Bandcamp have recently been sold. By the way, thank you very much for that!


January 24th 2024

´Anthracite Perception´ is out now

We are very happy to announce our new release of NODE Recordings..

Is out now available with tracks of Ancestral Landscapes, Biocym, Fernie, NoSignal and Vanoni.

Listen or buy it on Bandcamp here.


January 04th 2024

NODE x Hypnotic Motion w/ Blazej Malinowski ❚ Dario Duegra ❚ Mod.1 at LAUT

Next Saturday, January 13, we will have the pleasure of presenting, in collaboration with the Hypnotic Motion label, the LAUT debut of the artist Blazej Malinowski.

Get your tickets here.


November 16th 2023

NODE w/ Viels ❚ Dario Duegra at LAUT

We have our next appointment on Saturday, December 9, in which we will have as a guest the Italian Viels, who after already visiting us at the XVI edition of NODE in 2018, returns in what will be his first performance in LAUT. 

Get your tickets here.


September 26th 2023

Vanity Dust premieres ´Farceb - Dex31´, one of the tracks of the twelfth release of NODE Recordings

“NODE Recordings celebrates 3 years with a vinyl 'delicatessen' and establishes itself in the Premier League of Techno labels in Europe.


Because self-demand, curatorial challenges, the precarious dynamics of independent music distribution and endless setbacks that are not hard to imagine, have made these three years of NODE Recordings a true tour de force…”

Read it in full at this link here.


September 20th 2023

Industrial Complexx premieres ´Uun - Out of Time´ and reviews the first vinyl release of NODE Recordings

"The Italian CONCEPTUAL opens with Selva Oscura, a cut that mixes intensity with the hypnotism caused by the continuous succession of patterns that modulate gradually. And this description can be perfectly applicable to the remaining 5 tracks, as Noir, by Dario Duegra, Dex31, a cut by the Argentinian Farceb, Thorax, by the Spanish producer ORBE, and No Fear, a track by the also Italian Sciahri, follow a similar pattern to the first cut, with linear techno and a lot of pressure. On the other hand, Out of Time, which is the closing track of the album and is signed by the Detroit artist Uun, is a much more mental and less solid techno, however, the psychological factor is basically created with a very detailed and elaborate combination of percussive elements, especially in terms of panning..."

Read it in full at this link here.

Instagram (1).png

September 07th 2023

The first vinyl of NODE Recordings will be out on September 20th with the tracks of CONCEPTUAL, Dario Duegra, Farceb, ORBE, Sciahri and Uun

We are thrilled to welcome to a truly special moment for us. As we celebrate the third anniversary of our record label, we proudly present to you our very first vinyl release, which represents a significant milestone in our journey.


"Neural Haze" is the twelfth release to grace our catalog, a fusion of mind-bending sounds, textures and captivating rhythms.


This limited edition vinyl comprising six tracks from six artists, and invites you to lose yourself in the enigmatic depths of Techno music. Each track is an authentic expression of the vision and creativity of the artists who have created them, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur into an ethereal soundscape.

Listen or buy it on Bandcamp here.

Photo 31-8-23, 11 20 17.jpg

August 31st 2023

NODE Podcast Chapter #024 | Farceb

Today we are pleased to present the podcast of the artist Farceb.


Farceb has become one of the most relevant artists in the Argentine techno scene. He has released on some of the most important hypnotic techno labels worldwide such as Circular Limited, Dynamic Reflection, Concepto Hipnótico, PoleGroup, Arts and Newrhythmics. It also has tours in Europe, with performances in clubs such as Tresor, Khidi, Gare Porto, Instytut, Razzmatazz, Griessmuehle, Utopia among others.

Podcast & Tracklist here.


August 02nd 2023

NODE Podcast Chapter #023 | Vladw

Today we are pleased to present the podcast of the artist Vladw.


Hailing from Buenos Aires, Vladimir Vinco, aka Vladw, is one of Argentina’s leading techno music artists. He is recognized for both his powerful live sets and DJ performances, as well as his productions, which have established him as a prominent figure in the local scene.


Constant evolution is a distinctive feature of Vladw. His desire to innovate and his commitment to artistic quality have led him to experiment with new sounds and approaches, fostering his growth as an artist.

Podcast & Tracklist here.


July 04th 2023

NODE Podcast Chapter #022 | Esilum

Today we are pleased to present the podcast of the artist Esilum.


The project was born at the beginning of 2019 and since then each Ep represents a different variant of techno, taking risks and firmly following its credo, immersed in ambient and experimental sounds that revolve around hypnotic melodies and a clear and honest interpretation of techno. 


Esilum continues to push the boundaries and forge his place as an artist after releasing on labels such as Warok, Eclectic Digital Codec or Binary Cells.

Podcast & Tracklist here.


June 01st 2023

NODE Recordings w/ Rasser ❚ Dario Duegra ❚ Lisa Mizuno at LAUT

On Saturday June 10 we return with the second edition of the label nights to one of our favorite clubs in Barcelona, LAUT.

Get your tickets here.


May 23th 2023

NODE Podcast Chapter #021 | Dino Sabatini

Today we are pleased to present the podcast of the artist Dino Sabatini.

His work has helped to develop and redefine what it means to work with electronic music in the 21st century: although his sounds are thoroughly modern, synthesized and clearly represented, his production continues to nurture the deep roots of lore and lost mythology that have sustained human creativity for millennia.

With his personal record label, Outis, Sabatini continually goes beyond expectations by bringing his senses back to this world of automation and machines. It has also been a major element on labels such as Stroboscopic Artefacts, Elettronica Romana (home to several releases by his 'Modern Heads' duo with Gianluca Meloni), Adam X's Sonic Groove, Prologue or NODE Recordings participating in the label's first release.

Sabatini's search for a world without self-imposed creative limitations has earned him an impressive number of partnerships with productions and remixes involving artists such as Donato Dozzy, Claudio PRC, Giorgio Gigli, Shapednoise, Luigi Tozzi, Edit Select or Teste.

Podcast & Tracklist here.


April 04th 2023

´Endless Phylum´ is out now

We are very happy to announce our eleventh release NODE Recordings..

Is out now available with tracks of Cauê, Smoley, Vanta and YUKIMASA.

Listen or buy it on Bandcamp here.


March 14th 2023


Although we try to describe it, it will never be similar to living the experience: leaving the city behind and the sky beginning to gain space to take you on a 15-hour musical journey, in a unique natural environment in the open air with the freedom to move through different spaces. , sit, lie down, dance... a booth surrounded from start to finish by the 25,000w of Clear Sound power responsible for making the Montnegre Natural Park vibrate, which will be surrounding us at all times with its spectacular green forests, until sunset arrives and everything goes dark, and becomes a completely different environment where a light show, organized by the artists from Sweden and Bolivia, Sonolub, will give life to all the spaces of the venue.

Get your tickets here.


February 20th 2023

NODE Podcast Chapter #020 | Martyn Päsch

Today we are pleased to present the podcast of the artist Martyn Päsch.

His world of music is being built in an increasingly distinct style, perhaps as a fixed part of deep techno. Abundance of synth melody with harmony charm. The kick that leads the power and the percussion that supports it. And ironically, the sudden appearance and disappearance of the break makes his music more self established. He has released on his own imprint KVLTÖ RECORDS, founded in 2018, as well as on other labels such as No Way Records, NODE Recordings, Space Textures or Aarden Records among others.

Podcast & Tracklist here.


February 02nd 2023

NODE Podcast Chapter #019 | Alexskyspirit

Today we are pleased to present the podcast of the greek artist Alexskyspirit.

Light aesthetic underground techno sound, gentle minimal elements combined with hypnotic ambient atmospheres, distorted textures and cinematic pads giving the result of his signature sound nowadays. He has released his music on his own imprint Khoros as well as on other labels such as Edit Select, NODE Recordings, Circular Limited or Postdynamic among others.

Podcast & Tracklist here.


January 18th 2023

´Hidden Shadows´ is out now

We are very happy to announce our tenth release NODE Recordings..

Is out now available with tracks of Cavüm, John Plaza, Martyn Päsch, Overturn and Vladw.

Listen or buy it on Bandcamp here.

ms copia.jpg

December 15th 2022

Today we are pleased to present the podcast of Motion Symmetry, this ambient/techno artist based in Wales, UK, is also the mind behind label N F E R E E.

Artist has been steadily releasing his output on his own imprint as well as on many other labels primarily focusing on deep techno music.

Podcast & Tracklist here.


November 24th 2022

NODE New Year's Eve [+13h event]

We already have our start of the year!
More than 13 hours of techno with a line up of 8 DJs 100% Barcelona, ​​where we can see the debut at NODE by Rabent, Betts, Alex Lauks, Inner Desires and Ephemeral Distance, accompanied by sessions by Dario Duegra, MEN and Bucle.
In a unique location, where Vj Gaixa will make one of its most special video-mapping shows.

Get your tickets here.


October 26th 2022

NODE Pres. Duna w/ Ribé ❚ Sciahri ❚ CONCEPTUAL ❚ Dario Duegra ❚ Imox

One of the most powerful booths to date at NODE. On Friday, December 02, we will have the pleasure of presenting our event in collaboration with the newly born record label Duna Recordings at The Garage Of The Bass Valley

Get your tickets here.

id 2.jpg

November 18th 2022

NODE Podcast Chapter #017 | Svarog

Today we are pleased to present the podcast of a Ukrainian DJ and musician who fills the dance floor with the spirit of mysticism and harmony.

Modern and futuristic sounds, far from fashion and simplicity, aesthetics, harmony and a bit of mysticism from the heart for all the smart dance floors out there.

Podcast & Tracklist here.

Captura de pantalla 2022-07-27 a las 12.51.52.png

October 14th 2022

Two years of NODE Recordings

A Thousand Details - Aleja Sanchez - Alexskyspirit - Alderaan - Bucle - Citty - Clotur - CØRE & LNG73 - Craft - Dario Duegra - Declined - Dianthe - Dino Sabatini - Doctrina Natura - DORHG - Dorian Gray - Droneghost - Eònan - Eyvind Blix - Hoedus - Inner Desires - JLTZ - Kill Acid on Space - Laertes - Livai - Lōn - LPP - Mod.1 - Motion Symmetry - Overturn - Rasser - Reggy van Oers - RNGD - Ryogo Yamamori - Sarf - Svarog - The Alchemical Theory - Unclear - Vardae - Vertical Spectrum - Wrong Assessment - !nertia


Artwork: Kim Uytterhaegen / Samuel Domínguez / Javier Torrentsss 

Get full Digital Discography 40% OFF here.

NODE Octubre Instagram.jpg

September 06th 2022


On Friday, October 7, we start a new season with a very special lineup headed by the live performance of ORBE, the Spanish artist brings his modular synthesizers to The Garage Of The Bass Valley for the first time to offer us his live exhibition.

You can find the tickets here.


July 18th 2022

´Elements of Secrecy´ is out now

We are very happy to announce our ninth release NODE Recordings..

Is out now available with tracks of Citty, Dianthe, Inner Desires, Overturn and Svarog.

Listen or buy it on Bandcamp here.


July 11th 2022

Vanity Dust premieres ´Inner Desires - Throughout the Years´, one of the tracks form the ninth release of NODE Recordings

“ is a theme that evolves slowly, like a series of highly hypnotic shock waves that embrace a larger circle. Not precisely because they get stronger, but because you discover that, behind their rigidity, there is a warmth, a kind intensity, a rhythm and a concrete, slow and deep way, when it comes to moving forward.”


April 25th 2022

Five Years Anniversary

We couldn't be happier for everything that these incredible five years have brought us. It is a pleasure for us to propose this great anniversary celebration with this line up headed by the co-founder of Northern Electronics: Anthony Linell aka Abdulla Rashim...


March 22nd 2022

´Unknown Therapy´ is out now

We are very happy to announce our eighth release NODE Recordings..

Is out now available with tracks of JLTZ, LPP, Sarf, Vardae and Wrong Assessment.

Listen or buy it on Bandcamp here.


March 17th 2022

Vanity Dust premieres ´LPP - Replicante´, one of the tracks that will form the eighth release of NODE Recordings

“...they like hypnotic techno, but they are past this stage and don't need to surrender to the clichés of the style. They like forcefulness, but they use it only to push a track that is already powerful in itself. They break the classic 4/4 and also break the rhythm and intensity of the track at their convenience, and not playing to a formula.”


February 08th 2022

We start engines again with one of the most special editions 

On Saturday 26 we will be visited from England by the person responsible for some of techno´s most exciting explorations in the last decade, Avian's boss, Shifted.


January 24th 2022

"Fragmento Natura" is out now

We are very happy to announce our seventh release NODE Recordings.

Is out now available with tracks of CØRE & LGN73, Doctrina Natura, Dorian Gray, Laertes and Motion Symmetry.

Listen it on Bandcamp here.


December 30th 2021

NODE Podcast Chapter #015
Eyvind Blix 

Eyvind Blix, as a techno producer he has the rare ability of contorting sounds from the entire sonic spectrum to create deep and hypnotic tracks. His music evokes peace and darkness simultaneously with its spacious layers and hypnotic rhythms. 
He has released tracks on labels like Semantica, AINE, Oslated, NODE or On the 5th day. 


Listen the new podcast here.


November 29th 2021

The sixth release of NODE Recordings is out now

We are very happy to announce a new release of our own label NODE Recordings.

Is out now available with tracks of Dorhg, Eònan, Eyvind Blix, RNGD & Vertical Spectrum.

Listen it on Bandcamp here.


November 15th 2021

NODE Podcast Chapter #014
Ryogo Yamamori

Ryogo Yamamori is one of best techno artists in the Japanese scene. With over 20 years of experience, Tokyo based artist has established a platform of his sounds on 951beat, in 2017 started his own vinyl & digital imprint “kagerou” material alongside brand new works.
He also released tracks from labels like Ovum, Non Series, трип, NODE, Modularz or Human Lessons to just name a few
His skill as a DJ derives from technical mixing and Kaleidoscopic and Cavernous deep techno with hi-fidelity that take you on trip.


Listen the new podcast here.


November 01th 2021

We are back at The Garage of The Bass Valley

For this occasion we will have with us an artist of the stature of Svreca, the sessions of the Semantica label's engine have gone through clubs such as Tresor or Berghain and their productions in record labels such as Spazio Disponible or Warm Up.
He will be accompanied by Neiland, the owner of Astra-Space Travel will finally make his debut in the Node booth with our residents Dario Duegra and Dhanimal, and a very special return to the controls of Bucle.


Check the event and tickets here.


October 11th 2021

NODE Podcast Chapter #013

Listen this live set here.


September 10th 2021

One year of NODE Recordings

We are very happy and grateful for the quality of the artists who have participated this year in the first five releases.


Listen and buy here.


July 20th 2021

´Subjective Reality´ is out now

The fifth release of NODE Recordings is available with tracks by A Thousand Details, Alexskypirit, Declined, Rasser & Unclear.


Listen and buy here.


June 24th 2021

NODE Events is back !!!

After a long year (quickly said) we finally have the opportunity to dance again and enjoy it as it deserves!

And for such a special occasion we have chosen a location according to what will be our appointment #30: a unique space in the middle of nature, very close to Barcelona, ​​where we can enjoy 10 hours of music.


Check the event here.


May 12th 2021

´Distorted Shapes´ is out now

The fourth release of NODE Recordings is available with tracks by Alderaan, Dario Duegra, Lon & The Alchemical Theory.


Listen and buy here.


May 06th 2021

Vanity Dust magazine premieres "Alderaan - Stealth"

We can´t be happier with the outcome of our fourth release ´Distorted Shapes´.

It will be out next May 12th, until then we leave you here the great review and premiere of the Alderaan track.


Listen and check the review here.


April 05th 2021

NODE Podcast Chapter #012

Spanish producer and dj who since 2014 has been polishing his own sound, characteristic of raw and dark techno combined with aggressive atmospheres and focused on the dance floor, which can be found released on labels such as Faut Section, Illegal Alien, Warok or PNP among others.
His sessions have gone through parties known as Elecktra, being a resident of this or Synth, Stigma and Family Club.


Listen the new podcast here.


February 25th 2021

NODE Podcast Chapter #011
HD Substance

Luis Rozalen, spanish producer, dj, journalist, SUBtl Recordings boss and teacher at The Bass Valley has been into electronic since almost forever.


Listen the new podcast here.


January 15th 2021

NODE Podcast Chapter #010
The Alchemical Theory

The identity of the project has been very influenced by the favorite sounds of the three artists, ranging from modular electronic sounds to much more atmospheric sounds.

This project also comes from the love of mysticism, alchemy and nature.
In each release they want to represent something that affects the listener's mind, reproducing a real mental journey.


Listen the podcast here.


January 11th 2021

"Somatic Chains"
Third release of NODE Recordings is out now

Our third release is now available with tracks of !nertia, Bucle, Clotur, Craft and Droneghost.


Listen and buy your digital copy here.


January 10th 2021

Vanity Dust magazine premieres "Bucle - Pripyat"

"The third release of Node Recordings, the first of this 2021, is called Somatic Chains and contains the first collaboration of Bucle with the label.”

Read the full review and listen the premiere here.


January 09th 2021

Mixmag magazine interviews Dario Duegra

Dario Duegra features the third release of his label NODE Recordings.

"I hope that the Mixmag audience will enjoy it as a small disconnection, and that they will be carried away by it.”.

Read the full interview and listen the premiere of Craft track "Lockdown Lounge" here.


December 30th 2020

NODE Podcast Chapter #009
Vertical Spectrum

Polish producer active under alter egos since 20 years.

The experience he gained let them to kick of his latest project know as VS, which became a part of some of the most recognizable and prestigious labels in the industry, such a Pole Group, Tsunami Records, Granulart Recordings or Nachtstrom Schallplatten, just to name few.

Listen the podcast here.


November 30th 2020

NODE Podcast Chapter #008

Droneghost is the main musical project of Jaume Munsant, producer and dj from Barcelona.

The project was born with the intention of creating a dark sound universe, inspired by David lynch, Lovecraft, spanish ghost stories and "the misteries of life", and he does it mixing techno with ambient and drone elements.

Listen the podcast here.


November 09th 2020

"Morphic Fields Vol.I"
Second release of NODE Recordings

Our second release is now available with tracks of Aleja Sanchez, Hoedus, Livai and Dario Duegra.

Listen and buy your digital copy here.


November 02nd 2020

NODE Podcast Chapter #007 

Owner of Dance Nativa and dj & music producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

From 2014 he released in labels like Planet Rhythm, Weekend Circuit, Mindtrip, Warm Up, Insula and Pole Group amog others.

Listen at SoundCloud here.


October 13th 2020

NODE Podcast Chapter #006 

In the beginning he was known as OWL and recently he changed his name to Hoedus, releasing his music on Telemorph, Non Series, Affin and on his own label Anekoic Records.

The discurse consists in experimental and hypnotic sounds, ethereal and meditative phases of the ambient/drone and the strong tones from techno.

Listen at SoundCloud here.


October 05th 2020

"The Inception of an Enclosure" 
First release of NODE Recordings

After these 3 years we are very happy to announce our next step, the creation of our own label NODE Recordings.

The first release is out now available on all stores with tracks by Dino Sabatini, Reggy van Oers , Ryogo Yamamori, Kill Acid on Space, Dario Duegra and Mod.1. 

Buy your digital copy  here.


September 22nd 2020

NODE Podcast Chapter #005 
A Thousand Details

Gustavo Lima, aka of A Thousand Details, owner of ATD Records, can be considered as one of the most important rising artists of the Portuguese techno scene. 

Known for fast paced, dark, and somewhat distorted rhythms, and other ambient music and drone side projects.

Listen at Soundcloud here.


September 16th 2020

Clubbing Spain premiere:
Dario Duegra - Wormhole

"NODE, promotora de eventos con sede en Barcelona fundada hace tres años por Dario Duegra,  Dhanimal  y Enrique del Peral, ha decidido avanzar en su proyecto con el lanzamiento de su propio sello discográfico, gestionado por el propio Dario Duegra."

Read the review here.

Listen at Soundcloud here.


September 14th 2020

Listen Mod.1 - Sights on Earth

Listen at Soundcloud here.


September 10th 2020

Monument premiere: 
Dino Sabatini - Pragmatica

"NODE launches a self-titled imprint. It's first release is a V/A compilation "The Inception Of An Enclosure", out of which Monument premieres Dino Sabatini's track Pragmatica."


Listen at Soundcloud here.


September 9th 2020

Container premiere: 
Kill Acid on Space - Glide

Listen at Soundcloud here.


September 4th 2020

Indepth premiere: 
Ryogo Yamamori - Rewind

"NODE Recordings has the idea of ​​launching and disseminating musical creations that follow the techno sound, with a clear hypnotic and mental identity, which represents and transmits the concept that has given personality to the events and their own sessions."

You can read the review here.

Or listen at Soundcloud here.


September 3rd 2020

Vanity Dust premiere: 
Reggy van Oers - Edon

"Si alguien, alguna vez, se atreve a decirte que el techno no le conmueve, que le falta sentimiento o que el ritmo no le transmite emoción, eso es básicamente porque no ha escuchado EDON de Reggy van Oers."


Read the amazing review here.

Or listen at Soundcloud here.


September 2nd 2020

NODE Recordings is born

After these 3 years we are very happy to announce our next step and give you an advance of what will be the first release of NODE Recordings.

It will be available on all stores on October 5th, with track by Dino Sabatini, Reggy van Oers, Ryogo Yamamori, Kill Acid on Space, Dario Duegra and Mod.1

Check our bandcamp here. 


September 1th 2020


Warok imprint owner DJ and producer Clotur is one of the important figures on the current French and Tunisian techno scene.

Inspired by the percussive rhythms and atmospheric textures, he developed his own style, mixing hypnotic layers and catchy bassline.

Listen it  here. 

003 - Drafted.png

August 17th 2020


Drafted offer us the third chapter of our podcasts series. Deep and mental line to guide us a hypnotic state. Listen it  here. 

NODE Barcelona Podcast Chapter #002 Aleja Sanchez

June 22th 2020


Aleja Sanchez continues the second 

chapter of the podcast series for NODE Barcelona.

One hour and Twenty minutes of pure  mental groove and hypnotic atmospheres.

You can listen here. 

Node Barcelona Electronica Event streaming

June 19th 2020

NODE participates in the streaming movement Barcelona Electronica+ with a b2b by Dario Duegra and Dhanimal.

Many of the organizations in Barcelona join forces by organizing a series of streamings during all the weekend. See the Video here.


May 21th 2020

The SAE sound school talks about the new release published by Dario Duegra in Muted Rec

SAE talks about the debut of Dario Duegra, alumni of SAE Institute Barcelona who has recently signed for Muted Records, a label directed by Steve Parker with "Traum". Check it here.


May 13th 2020

NODE premieres podcast for the third anniversary with a special b2b set by founders Dario Duegra and Dhanimal from 2016.

To celebrate the third anniversary, , we remember our beginnings where the concept of NODE was born. We share with you the b2b of Dario Duegra & Dhanimal for the first Podcast of the series. Listen it here.

Node Barcelona Vanity Dust Premiere Dario Duegra Traum

May 5th 2020

Dario Duegra, Co-founder and resident of NODE debuts on MUTED Rec. with his track: Traum.

Vanity Dust describes the sensation in this confinement on the Traum track, and describes it as the applause of techno. Read his blog here.

Node Barcelona Mod.1 Simbiosis Donations Project Bandcamp

May 1th 2020

Mod.1 releases an ambient track in Donations Project. Made it with an 
innovated techniques.

Our resident mod.1 debuts in Donations Project with an ambien track to collaborate in the non-propagation of COVID-19.You can buy here.

Node Barcelona The Bass Valley Chart

April 16th 2020

The Bass Valley School selects the last podcast recorded by Dario Duegra for Drone Existence for its playlist.

The Bass Valley team recovers their weekly podcast series in which they recommend seven pieces of music, in the form of themes or dj sessions to contribute our grain of sand to the soundtrack of the weekend. Check it here.

Node Barcelona Dario duegra On the 5th Day Podcast

May13th 2020

Dario Duegra recorded a new podcast for On The 5th Day.

One of our founders and residents Dario Duegra brings his sound to one of the most UK's relevant podcast series. Listen it here.


December 4th 2019

Xceed places the XXVIII event of NODE with the first performance in Spain of the duo from England Abstract Man.

This is the collaborative project of two of the founders of On the 5th Day, the label behind the organization of one of the most famous parties of the London club Corsica Studios. Xceed explain it here.


October 15th 2019

Clubbing Spain reports on the first showcase of the Argentine Under Club in Europe, produced by NODE, with Tripeo and Xhei as guests.

NODE join forces with Under club to offer a international connection in his first showcase in Europe.

All info here.


May 13th 2019

NODE presents Non Series showcase  in the Sonar Off Week with Psyk, Architectural, Luigi Tozzi and Pris 

The most important week of electronic music in Barcelona is coming. And NODE in collaboration with Non Series will offer us one of the most powerful line-up in the city. Beatburguer talk abaout it here.


May 30th 2019

MOD.1 starts a 100% NODE night at Razzmataz Club.

Node goes to Razzmataz club with Dario Duegra, Dhanimal & Mod.1 to  offer a 100% residents NODE night. Here we can listen the full warm up of Mod.1. 


May 5th 2019

Xceed ranks the NODE second anniversary event with Lewis Fautzi in the top 10 of of May in Barcelona

Lewis Fautzi is the exceptional guest on this great night in which NODE celebrates its two years of life. With him will be Dario Duegra and Dhanimal. Chek the info here.


April 26th 2019

Microfusa school reports on the NODE second anniversary event with the performance of Lewis Fautzi.

NODE is two years old, and on the occasion of its birthday NODE has prepared a special event for us, this time we will have Lewis Fautzi. do not miss a detail of the microfusa article where it details everything about the Portuguese artist here.


February 9th 2019

Mod.1 premieres his new live at NODE XIX.

This time, one of our residents offers us his new hardware live.

An our of pure analog techno to enjoy till the end. Listen it here.


October 23th 2018

Dario Duegra recorded a new Podcast for HEX.

HEX Transmission is a podcast series. All sessions are composed by audio and live visual performance made by Acid Thermal, who creates a specific composition of frames based on the frequencies he receives from the artist. Here you can listen the podcast from one of our founders.


April 12th 2018

Microfusa school reports about the NODE anniversary event with the first performance of Vertical Spectrum in Spain

Microfusa explains the details about the NODE event and the bases of its contests. All info here.


January 12th 2018

Dario Duegra closed the VII edition of NODE.

Listen the full audio in NODE soundcloud here.


Aptil 10th 2017

NODE Barcelona starts his events with 
an international French artist:

In their first event, they have Eric Fetcher, one of the most powerful artists on the European scene, Darío Duegra and Dhanimal, representatives of NODE who will define the sound line of the organization. All the information here.


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